Water – Sewer – Trash

Water, Sewer, Trash Service

New Residents: Please print a Request For Service form. Return it to City Hall along with $150 deposit. Deposit is refundable upon moving from the city.

Moving: Please print a Request For Disconnect form when moving. Return it to City Hall.

Water, sewer and trash are all included in the monthly utility bill. There is a minimum utility charge for all water and sewer hookups. Meters are read the third week of each month and utility bills are mailed the first week of the following month.

Utility bills are not currently payable online but may be soon. For more information on billing, please see Utility Billing Procedures further down on this page.

Trash Collection & Recycling – Trash and Recycling are collected every Wednesday by Grace Hauling. Residents must provide own trash receptacles or contact Grace Hauling to rent one. Recycling totes are provided by the City and belong to the City. If a resident moves out of the City the tote must stay at the residence. A $50.00 charge will be assessed for missing or replacement totes.

A “Big Trash Day” is held each spring and fall. Please check the events calendar on this website for the date.

Recycling: Every resident of the City of Marthasville is issued a blue 95 gallon recycle cart. The cart is to be used for recyclables only. Solid waste (garbage, yard) is prohibited. Please rinse all items before placing in the recycle cart. No need to sort. Recyclables are picked up on Wednesdays. Please have cart out by the curb by 6:30 a.m. along with trash to ensure the best possible service. Handicap service is available upon request. The recycle cart must stay with the residence or a $50.00 fee will be applied.

Recyclable Materials: Aluminum cans, beverage containers, bottles / jars, cereal boxes, cardboard, cartons, empty aerosol cans, juice bottles, junk mail, magazines / catalogs, milk jugs, newspapers, paper bags, pie tins, plastic bottles, plastic products with the recycle triangle on them, steel, tin cans, telephone books, water / soda bottles, white / mixed paper.

Non-recyclable Materials: Ceramics, disposable diapers, food waste, napkins, paper plates, paper towels, plastic bags, plastic toys, plumbing parts, rubber products, styrofoam, waxed & soiled paper, wood.
For more information, please contact Grace Hauling at (636)-398-8060.

Utility Billing Procedures*

  • Marthasville’s utility deposit is $150.00.This is for water, sewer, trash and recycle cart. Deposit will be refunded when resident moves out of the city limits, all balances are paid in full, and recycle cart is picked up.
  • Water meters are read the third week of the prior month.
  • Readings are entered and utility bills are mailed the first week of the next month.
  • Utility bills are due the 20th of each month and must be paid in full.
  • Late charges are assessed two business days following the 20th of the month on any account with a balance due.
  • Late notices are mailed to all accounts with a balance due after late charges have been applied. If a partial payment was made, but not paid in full, late notice will still be sent. Late notice will include advisement of possible shut off if not paid by the 5th of the following month. A copy of the late notice will also be sent to the owner, if this is a rental property.
  • Disconnect notice will be sent to all accounts upon which a late notice was sent and payment was not received by the 30th of the month. Payment must then be received by the 5th of the following month. If no payment is received by the 5th, water will be shut off the next business day.
  • Total balance due, plus a $60.00 reconnection fee, must be paid in full, before water can be turned back on.


*Approved by Board of Aldermen, 20 June 2012

If you have further questions pertaining to Marthasville utilities, you may contact the City Clerk at (636) 433-5554.